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6 Awesome Home Stores in Richmond You Need to Visit When Furnishing Your New Condo

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Top 10% of REBGV Realtors in 2014,2015,2016, 2017,2018 Nancy Fong is an award-winning realtor, serving Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby, Delta, La...

Top 10% of REBGV Realtors in 2014,2015,2016, 2017,2018 Nancy Fong is an award-winning realtor, serving Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby, Delta, La...

Sep 24 11 minutes read

If you’re looking to buy a condo in Richmond, inevitably, you’re going to want to furnish that condo. What better way to settle into your new home than to bring along some nice, new stylish furniture to go in it? Time to throw out your mismatched impulse buys, hand-me-downs and flopping foam pieces. If you play your cards right, you can start fresh, and invest in ‘forever furniture’ with a plan for interior design beauty. Your new home might just look like it popped out of a magazine. 

So, how do you get that magazine look in your Richmond condo? Start by visiting these awesome home stores in Richmond!

1. Home Quarters Furnishings

Address:  160 - 4551 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2C3


Delivery offered: one flat-fee for everything you buy. 

Pricing: moderately high, but reasonable.

We LOVE the finds you can get at this huge furniture store, next to Superstore on No. 3 Road. They carry products from Italy, China, the U.S. and Canada. 

Some of their styles are ‘smooth and sleek’ and everything ‘pinterest-ey.’ You know, the mid-century modern table legs, the wood and marble look, the skinny lines and the unusual shapes. But, if you’re more of a traditionalist, or if you like French cottage, shabby-chic inspirations, they’ve definitely got that too. 

In a way, it’s hard to know where they ‘fit’ on the spectrum of style (if you’re looking for something specific). But since most furniture shoppers will come with large varieties of taste (especially when more than one person is making the buying decision), we can’t say there’s anything wrong with that. 

And surely: what you see here will not be what you can expect at the big-box stores. There will be unusual furniture finds for your Richmond condo here; not the common thing your friends are likely to have.

Their website says they specialize in furniture for small condos. However, from their website alone, they don’t seem to carry the ‘multi-function’ furniture you’d expect for that type of description. Treat this as an ‘anything style’ furniture store, to add variety to your new condo style.

One caveat: they mention fee-based assembly services on their site. This may mean their model is somewhat like IKEA’s, where you put together your own furniture. Just keep that in mind if you do shop here (and other stores! Always ask!).

For those who want to sell a Richmond condo, this store also provides staging services (an interesting side-twist to a furniture store business). So, if you’re working with a realtor to sell your home, you can mention this business as an option for spiffing up your space before it goes to market (which is especially great for empty condos). 


2. Ethan Allen

Address: 2633 Sweden Way, Richmond, BC, V6V 2X1


Delivery offered: one flat-fee for everything you buy.

Pricing: moderately high, but reasonable.

This is a high-end, big and ‘corporate’ North American furniture store with a location in Richmond, on Sweden Way, near IKEA. If you’re looking for the upscale, modern and ‘rich’ look, this is your home store. They’ve got a blend of styles - some with straight lines which are more modern, and some with more traditional vibes. But in either scenario, they’ve kept their designs updated. That way, if you go traditional, your furniture will still look somewhat modern and well-thought-out. 

They’ve also got a selection of home accents, like rugs, curtains and lighting. Overall, their selection is huge! 

This furniture store also has a “Disney” partnership, which is definitely something you have to see. It’s not what you’d expect when you see the “Disney” logo slapped onto products in most other scenarios. No; this furniture is high-end, grown-up and designer-friendly with subtle twists of Mickey and fantasy elements worked in. You just have to see it to believe it.

If you’re looking for interior design inspiration for your new condo, they’ve got a magazine and a catalog you can peruse through - as if their social profiles weren’t enough to keep you ‘glued’ for hours. 

But if you’re truly stuck, you’ve got nothing to worry about - Ethan Allen advertises they provide free design services (and yes, they have a Design Center in Richmond, too). Mind you, this is basically advice and general consultation that any furniture-lover, working at a high-end furniture retailer, would probably be happy to give. But with Ethan Allen, they seem to have woven the service into their entire brand offering, and made it ‘official.’

3. Jordans Home

Address: 3200 Sweden Way, Richmond, BC, V6V 2A5


Delivery offered: website doesn’t say.

Pricing: moderate to high.

If you like supporting Canadian, B.C. businesses, then your morals will stay in-check, without sacrificing ‘drool appeal,’ at Jordan’s Home. This long-time, local business hosts its flagship home store in Richmond, B.C. Plus, their brand’s umbrella also retails other home goods like flooring and rugs (though at different websites, and possibly different locations).

Regarding furniture style, this is where you’d go for the truly, Westcoast, seaside and rustic look. They’ve got everything you need to make sure your house guests know they’ve landed in Vancouver (and, that you’ve got style, of course). In addition to many of their home pieces showing off the ‘intentionally buffed up,’ ‘reclaimed’ and ‘industrial’ art of furniture making, you can get loads of home accents to match their theme, too.

But make no mistake; while they’ve got “rustic” and “farmhouse,” we are not talking about cheap-o furniture or anything that equates to what you could find at Walmart or Target. It’s also not quite the DIY-er scene either. This stuff is more like, ‘good-design-meets-underdog-trends.’ It’s similar to what you may find at Winners, for example, but with a bit more luxury. So expect high-end, while getting a little down to earth, original and even (dare we say), fun, with these home fashion items. Plus, if you opt for their custom styles, you can get live-edge tables and amazingly impressive techniques you’d expect of an independent artist.

4. Casa Llena 

Address: 160-6888 River Road Richmond B.C. V6X 1X5


Delivery offered:  website doesn’t say.

Pricing:  moderate to high.

This is another local furniture store in Richmond, located near the Olympic Oval. They describe themselves as modern, and they fit the bill. However, unlike many modern furniture sellers, their collection is great if your style comes with a preference for a bit more ‘punch.’ 

You’ll love the ideas their furniture designers have thought to include. For example a little more plush with ‘pillow’ corners, vibrant colours, slightly exaggerated shapes, unexpected patterns (that work oh-so-well), and more. Meanwhile, they’ve kept their furniture sophisticated, without going too ‘far out’ on style. 

Honestly, we’d say their furniture looks like it was made by a collaboration of designers, scientists and people who know how to have a little fun. It’s fantastic, and it makes you think. That said, they seem to also carry pieces that look like they were popular during your parents’ heyday. Not sure what that’s about. To each their own!

5. Accents @ Home

Address:  6551 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y 2B6 (inside Richmond Centre)


Delivery offered:  website says, “standard charge is $135 for Lower Mainland.”

Pricing:  low to moderate, with lots of sales.

Yet another local furniture store, except this one has multiple locations, one of which is in Richmond Centre. Their selection and variation goes wide and deep. That said, you’re not likely to find the high-end, luxury looks or designer-worthy pieces across the board at this shop. In this case, you’d be looking for ‘gems’ at a good price. But still, with high expectations that you’ll actually find those ‘gems.’ 

With home items at this store, sometimes there will be a neat texture, or an artistic twist on a piece of furniture. That will make it well worth the dig. And other times, you just won’t be able to beat the price - especially when your alternative is to go with something much more expensive, or much more copied. 

Yet still, you may find furniture at this store that can be bought elsewhere. So it’s really a mix.

6. Möbler

Address:  3351 Sweden Way, Richmond, BC V6V 2B1


Delivery offered:  flat-fee, $80 to most Metro Vancouver cities.

Pricing:  low to reasonably moderate, with lots of sales.

This one-location furniture store in Richmond, also near IKEA, is a modern furniture-lover’s dream come true. If you demand mid-century modern, and don’t want ‘traditional’ or ‘rustic’ in your way, then make a beeline to Möbler. They started as a Danish furniture importer. So, that says a lot; Scandinavian style must be in their genes.

Looking through their site, you’ll see that you could use this place to furnish a scene for Mad Men; it’s got all the ‘modern vintage’ you can crave. They’ve got smooth lines and perfect curves, wood tones, metal, glass and skinny, visible legs; your biggest problem will be making up your mind - especially at these prices!

Their selection is simple, however, so you won’t be picking from as many catalog items as other retailers. They also advertise that they keep good stock in store, so you don’t often have to wait for special orders (unless you’re customizing fabric, or something like that). 

So, if you’re ready to upgrade from your IKEA only phase of life, then Möbler is a great place to start.

Spend a day touring Richmond’s home stores to decorate your new condo

Now that you’ve got our list of favourite home stores in Richmond, you’re probably wondering where to start. Here’s an idea: spend a day to visit them all! What an awesome way to spoil yourself on the weekend! See what they’ve got, get inspired and don’t be afraid to ask their salespeople some questions.  

But, don’t rush if you don’t have to; remember, you want your new condo to look like that magazine dream we talked about. That takes planning, coordinating and knowing what to leave behind just as much as knowing what to take home. 

Happy furniture shopping!

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